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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Strata Council & Creating a Strata Operations Plan to Manage

In addition to the seminar for Strata Bylaws, Condominium Home Owners’ Association of British Columbia (CHOA) offers another comprehensive seminar for Spring 2014.

This strata educational seminar includes a complete overview of the roles and responsibilities of the strata council & creating a strata operations plan to manage a strata corporation. You can register at CHOA's website for the seminar:

The seminar is offered in different locations in BC. In the Lower Mainland it is offered in New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam.

It includes two parts:


Strata Council Seminar Part 1 - Strata Administration & Facilities -The Roles and Responsibilities of the Strata Council


1. The responsibility and duties of the strata council.

2. The authority granted to the strata council by the Strata Property Act, the bylaws of the strata corporation, and the decisions of the strata lot owners at general meetings ratified through the annual budget majority, ¾ vote and unanimous resolutions.

3. The decision making process.The types of decisions that the strata council must make, to allow the strata manager, council members, employees and contractors to perform their duties.

4. The “agency” relationship that is created between a strata corporation and a strata manager. How decisions are made and how authority is granted through the agency agreement and the ratified decisions of the strata council.

5. The critical importance of developing and following agendas for council meetings to ensure council addresses bylaw enforcement, collections, operational decisions, and monthly financial reviews.

6. How the council takes minutes, what information is included and approval of strata council meeting minutes.

Strata Council Seminar Part 2 - Creating a Strata Operations Plan to manage a Strata Corporation

1. Strata financial administration, expense approval, strata financial reports, approval of collection procedures, lien filing and court actions for collections, management of investments.

2. The administration of forms & records and privacy requests under the Personal Information Protection Act.

3. The coordination and development of agendas and business requirements for strata annual and special general meetings (Strata SGM and AGM). The procedures for approving the agenda and resolutions for notice.

4. Strata Maintenance and operations plans. Facility schedules, inspections and strata record keeping. Identifying who is responsible for the creation of operations schedules and administering the program.

5. The administration of the strata management contract and the scope of services provided by the strata manager and those that are the responsibility of the strata council.

6. Development and purchasing procedures for major strata projects and construction. Understanding who has the authority to make decisions.

7. Risk and liability relating to common property, common assets, common liability and the strata corporation insurance contract.

  • Wonderful efficient meeting - thanks for all your help. I was pleasantly surprised that it went quickly. - Strata Owner
  • ...As a side note, it was brought up at the AGM, I personally want to thank you and Assertive for doing what I full - Strata Council President
  • Jim, I would like to add that you, Caelen and Assertive were great to work with when I was on council. Your effort full - Strata Owner