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Strata Council

Our meetings are held on time, our questions about budgets and other building concerns are handled promptly, and we always know that Assertive Northwest Group is available to us when we have both minor and major concerns. Over the years, we’ve been able to form a team approach with the friendly and approachable Assertive Northwest Group staff, appreciate their proactive involvement in our building, and look forward to a continued association.

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  • Just wanted to say thanks.. We've worked together for a year now, and I've always found you supportive, full - Strata Council President
  • Thank you so much Caelen. I must say you have been one of the best PM's I have had the pleasure to interact with. - Realtor
  • Re: A faulty heating thermostat in my apartment. Thanks, have heard from your associate and plumber...great service, full - Strata Owner