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Important Strata Educational Seminar | An Introduction to the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

Dear Strata Council,

The challenges of dispute resolution are many and something you, as Strata Council members, must address from time to time. If you follow the news you may have observed that more and more seemingly simple cases are ending up in court. For example, an owner “claimed” ownership of a common area parking stall and that case ended up in court over 50 times and the strata spent over $180,000 in legal fees.

In response to the clogged and very expensive court system the Provincial Government has introduced the first on-line civil dispute resolution tribunal. It is the first of its kind in Canada.

Shannon Salter, the Chair of the Civil Resolution Tribunal, is an excellent speaker and will be providing an overview of how the tribunal can help your strata resolve disputes. This is your opportunity to learn how the process will work before owners start filing claims with the tribunal.

CCI Vancouver is pleased to facilitate this seminar (see the seminar page on CCI Vancouver's website) and we encourage you to attend. In order to make it easier for you as our client, please simply advise your property manager that you would like to attend and we will make sure you are registered.

Thank you.

Jim Allison | President & Property Manager

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